The Divine Musical Comedy

                                                                                                                            by Tim McKamey

The Divine Musical Comedy presented below is a light-hearted, right-brain approach to some very profound and meaningful ideas.  This is how it came about: The concept of Harmonic Correspondence has been with us for many thousands of years. It has been said that it was already a vital part of human consciousness long before written languages existed. It is found in the earliest manuscripts of the Vedic sacred teachings and in many creation myths throughout the world.  The phrase from the Gospel of John, “In the beginning was the word..” reminds us that “word” emerges first in consciousness as a form, idea or thought, then is transmitted down from consciousness to the physical world where it is uttered as a spoken word.  Even later still it becomes the written word.

Modern physics and cosmology describe all of the energy and matter in the universe as ‘vibrational’ in nature. Relativity theory seeks to further define a unified field theory for understanding the implicit order that seems to exist throughout the universe that not only keeps it operating, but may even cause it to evolve, rather than dissolve. 

For some time now, I had been working on a draft for a post to this Forum about Harmonic Correspondence. The literature on the subject is vast and ranges from the ridiculous to the sublime. Much of the most authentic information from the finest scholars can also prove challenging not only due to the research required to familiarize oneself with the sources to which they refer, but also due to the formality of most of this kind of scholarship. Then there is the material that suffers from attempting to overlook its own contradictions and faulty logic in an effort to express an otherwise attractive and meaningful model. There is also the problem of understanding the cross-cultural and historical contexts of many theories of Harmonic Correspondence. I suggest that even the most solid and satisfying theory to emerge from all this will still be incomplete and will need to be constantly revised as our understanding of the vibratory nature of the universe grows, which it continues to at a dizzying rate.  

The Archeometer – Synthetic Protractor of the Higher Studies
Key to All the Religions and Sciences of Antiquity
A Synthetic Reformation of All Contemporary Arts

So one night in February, 2011 I decided I would introduce the subject of  Harmonic Correspondence in verse form rather than the pedantic approach of academia, and to present both the strongest and significant ideas along with some of the weaker yet still compelling notions. A certain light-hearted attitude pervades this piece to remind us that a sense of humor helps keep us from taking ourselves too seriously and is not meant to detract from the importance and value of research in these areas.

We are learning more all the time about how sound and music can facilitate healing, can both reinforce and undermine social values, and also we are validating for the post-modern age what the ancient traditions have always held sacred, that every thing exists in relation to everything.  Recognizing our connectedness, to each other, to the earth, and to all levels of consciousness can empower us to participate in life with a fuller awareness of how our thoughts, our words and actions all really matter. 

My original concept includes presenting this in some kind of multi-media fashion with the words spoken by a narrator and using music, natural and mechanical sounds and perhaps visuals to underscore or highlight many of phrases.  (Imagine Firesign Theater doing Pythagoras, Plato, Boethius, Hans Kayser and Joscelyn Godwin) So with a nod to Dante…

The Sound Possibilities Alternate Reality Players Present:

The Divine Musical Comedy,
A Musical Theory of Nearly Everything


Sound Possibilities celebrates the many roles sound and music play
Throughout time, and in our world today.
An integral view illuminates our quest. Things once obscure may become more clear
As re-emerging ancient mysteries reveal there is more to hear than meets the ear.

For beyond the struck-sound of ahata, subtle  anahata’s unheard sounds still function.
Sound is energy. Its power to heal and integrate can also facilitate dis-ease and destruction.
Shiva, Lord of the Dance of Mercy and of Joy, is also Rudra, who can ravish and destroy.
Joshua brought down the Walls of Jericho to resounding sounds his trumpeters deployed.

Sound may occur as music, or as noise. How its perceived depends on what one enjoys.
Music is ordered sound. Lacking order (and a decent drummer), noise simply annoys.
Music may have “power to soothe a savage beast”, but the music biz can be savage too.
Mysteries long misunderstood begin to now ring true, but still are known by far too few.

Here in Consumerville, USA where we only speak in ‘buy ‘n sell’, its all about the ‘hit’.
We mass-produce it, digitize, distribute, license and consume it.
But sound possibilities abound far beyond entertainment and mere amusement.
We offer the following for your perusement;

Mother Earth, along with Father Sun and Sister Moon, hum deep sub-sonic tunes.
Vibrations of Cosmic Surround Sound resonate in our bodies as tones we never hear.
Music sings to us in the womb long before labor’s rhythms signal birth,
And the multitude of songs that Nature’s creatures sing, help sustain all life on Earth.

In Cosmic Musicology, Astrophysics and Geology with voices from Mythology appear.
Heliocentric solos sung by ‘ol Sol are flung into our atmosphere, where
Electromagnetic fields chime in as solar flares reach our ionosphere, and
Meteorology jammin’ with Ecology dance up a storm on The Earth and Sky Bandstand.

“Now that’s what I’m talking about! This is Real Rock ‘n Sol music bringin’ down the house,  Jammin’ those frequencies from coast to coast and pole to pole,
This is Wolfman Jack on your Midnight Cosmic Radio spinnin’ hot sounds for cool ears.
With your number 1 hit for four and one-half billion years; The Music of the Spheres!”

Observing this Great Performance for many a millenium, with not much else to do,
Humanity’s hopes for its own continuum led to the notion of a kind of simulacrum;
A virtual simulation, prototype or microcosmic model of a macrocosmic reality.
“As above, so below.” Rhythms and cycles used to align daily lives to Cosmos and Nature.

First pattern recognition, then adapting patterns to their own lives,
Led to healthier, happier hunter/gatherers. Especially for the wives
Who were noticing that their bodies followed cycles aligned with phases of the moon.
The only cycles men cared about had not yet been invented and went “vroooooooom!”

In a ‘simply unpredictable, see what you can find’ world, rhythms revealed
Nested levels of order as ways to comprehend mysteries previously concealed.
Rituals and ceremonies rose up as ways to align primal high society
To the Great Cycles of Time through the harmonic magical art of synchronicity.


With bio-rhythms we apprehend, attune and entrain
Our own bodies, our breath, heart, mind and brain
With external rhythms, seasons, night and day.
Reaching harmony and balance in life is the essence of The Way.

Constantly in motion, we long to be at rest. States of peace/periods of stress.
Income/taxation, action/meditation, culturally evolved patterns, paying rent,
The foods we eat, the hours we sleep, the number of times we laugh and weep,
Work and play, joy and strife, balancing the hours we keep with how they’re spent.

To restore, re-order, re-align, re-groove, and recover a sense of attainment,
We can synchronize our brain and breath through music, and the concept of entrainment.
That’s NOT entertainment, it’s entrainment:
Synchronizing the inner rhythm(s) of an organism to some external cycle.

Working on the night shift and jet lag disrupt our sense of time. The farther off we drift,
The more the body’s inner clock falls out of tick with Nature’s tock. But we can shift
Back into synch, recover harmony and restore the flow of chi.
Through entrainment we transpose the body’s song back into Nature’s key.

Neuroscience has only scratched the surface of sound, music and the brain.
We know it can bring peace of mind, and we know it can cause pain.
Just as sure as the sweet music of a rhapsody in bloom may charm us,
Dis-ease occurs when we entrain ourselves to something that can harm us.

Music and sound can be used for healing, communicating,
For reaching out and teaching, for feeling thoughts, and thinking feelings,
For raps and reels, for reaching altered states of mind – suspending time.
For re-ordering and restoring, integrating, inspiration and re-creation.


But they also can at times disturb, disrupt the status quo and cross the border,
“When in the course of human events…” we must dissolve an existing order.
“To everything there is a season” as Pete Seeger quotes Ecclesiastes.
When “the times they are a-changing”, songs help redefine priorities.

When Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring premiered it’s driving primal beats,
The concert hall erupted as culture’s cognoscenti took to brawling in the streets.
“It’s the beginning of the end” they cried, but that was not the day the music died.
Just another revolution on the visionary ride that music has the power to provide.

The beating hearts of nations rise and fall
And with patriotic trumpets strike a chord within us all.
But the anthems sung when war is young give way to the mournful distant sound
Of a far off solitary drummer when we lay our loved ones down.

The rhythm and the breath of re-creation give to some
That which they will die for; to others, the laws by which they live.
And so it is no wonder that the spell I am often under
Is the enchantment of the muse, or the quiet sound of distant thunder.

Harmonics and vibration drive the engines of creation.
But beyond effect and cause we may pause to reflect
On illuminating waves of light that radiate beyond our sight
As overtones will ring on sympathetic strings as vibrating wings of song take flight.

Bio-rhythms help us track the inner tides of body, heart and mind,
Identify and regulate the ebb and flow, if any rates are high or low.
We are tuned to sun and moon, and Earth’s own planetary spin
By the formation of mela and sera, (from the family Tonin).

This occurs as the Pineal Gland responds to light and sound.
A chemical polyphony metabolizes, ’til this ‘mood music’ stabilizes.
Molecular chords of hormones form with enzymes other organs play.
This catalyzing stew has a lot to do with why we feel the way we do each day.


But long before bio-chemistry or even alchemy had been conceived,
By the rhythm of the drum, the shaman’s journey would proceed to spirit worlds
Where nature’s mysteries concealed in rhythms, cycles, songs and signs
Reveal pathways ascending into primal sacred space outside of time.

When solar winds reach polar skies
High above dark night’s horizon rainbow waves flutter, rising.
Rippling Borealis crackle, click and flicker.
Its the voice of the spirit, if you listen you can hear it.

The shaman’s heart quickens and his mind grows clear.
He suddenly remembers why the spirits called him here.
The night hums softly as the stars form a crown,
The northern lights become a flowing rainbow gown.

The Hyperborean Goddess beckons from her starry realm.
The shaman ascends through the limbs of the Sacred Elm
They share food and drink from an ivory bowl
And then she whispers her secret softly to his soul.

The Shaman then returns to the people of his tribe
With powers to heal, give consul and prescribe.
The Shaman-King and Poet-Priest will serve his people well.
For many cycles of the moon, in the Spirit of the Goddess they will dwell.

We need no stronger reason than the rhythm of the seasons
To appreciate the music of the spheres.
Standing stones aligned to solar/lunar arcs defining
Long straight tracks and Deep Time calender cycles of astronomical refinement.

Stone temple observatories and calendar sticks reflect
Increased capacity for more accurately observing and predicting
Solstice/Equinox, “how long til we need baby socks?”, sowing/reaping, dates and ages,
Celebrating rounds of eternal return and history’s back pages.


But even further back in time, before time itself even was
Nothing anywhere at all but just a low-frequency background buzzzzz.
From somewhere deep within this infitude of dark-hole immobility
The Mind of God originated and conceived the very first Sound Possibility.

From the periodic intervals of elemental dialing tones,
Harmonic waves from cosmic strings place a long-distance call
To the other side of hyper-space, and in quantum asymmetry arrive
As asynchronous event horizons at cosmic phantom zones to answer the phone.

The exploding energy of a million trillion suns gives birth to the Universe,
(Not just one but many, a vast array of echoes quite evenly disbursed).
Then the infinite multiple harmonics of all that’s yet to come
Rise from the still quiet center of the Fundamental Root, the One.

A Big Bang releases energy into space as endless waves of sound.
Emanating from this place in the billionth of a nanosecond ’round
This fundamental tonic reverberate it’s own 3rd and 5th harmonic,
The Laws of physics are ammended but will never be repealed.

Within the Cosmic Mind in macrocosmic time a cosmic thought occurred:
“In the beginning was the Word.”
And from the Void came Form.
And with Form came proportion, and frequencies of light.

In resonating waves like ripples on a pond these particle/waves take flight
And spread out across both space and time, and even far beyond.
Gravity’s embrace keeps spinning orbs from shooting off into deeper space,
(Just as the shepherd moons of Saturn keep his rings in place).

Out from all this chaos and complexity emerges an implicate order of High Degree.
The quanta-potentialities of all Sound Possibilities yet to come, may now begin.
The sacred rule of number in resonating rays
Arc across the universe, in that most Ancient of Days.

And out of one came two and out of two came three,
And from three came all the rest, the rest is history.
Replicating helix twin strands of DNA
Transmit information captured at creation,

Passing cosmic genes from one spiral to the other in this transformation.
Then through the process of gestation result in the formation
Of a tiny seed of proto-light. Within this seed geometric rays excite until
Exceeding the very speed of light, they burst forth from their shell.


First the Primum Mobile incices itself into the vesica pisces.
Then the trinitarian Tripod of Life arises.
Soon a quadrentary form emerges,
Then with it’s fifth elemental it becomes quintessential.

Soon the first Seed of Life completes the round
With six perfect circles and the seventh as a crown.
Out of the threshold of darkness the arc of the firmament expands
And the Seed of Life extends its first root into the first grains of sand.

Nurtured by the Eternal Ground of Pure Being,
It soon develops into the first fully grown Flower of Life.
Being the first such flower to appear,
It pollinates itself and soon….

More seeds are sown, more flowers grown,
And this is what has come to be known
As a sacred geometric expression
Of the first seven days of creation.


Now all this was eventually recorded and inscribed
In those very ancient times, to preserve this Sacred Knowledge,
By bardic engineers and technicians of the sacred
Who must have earned their Ascended Masters Degree from a higher-plane college.

This natural un-tempered system of harmonic theory was observed, recorded,
Transmitted and transcribed, updated and revised, and eventually downloaded
Into Atlantean memory prisms, and could have all been lost in the Great Cataclysm.
But sacred geometry is encoded and inscribed in the holographic nature of the Mind.

To be continued… Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion…Coming soon!

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