Peace Piece, Bill Evan’s sublime contemplative piano (also on guitar)

The other day a friend called me up and said he heard this piece that morning and thought I might find it of interest.  Wow, did I!  He had specifically referred to the guitar arrangement he had listened to by Spanish guitarist Nino Josele (b. 1974).  Josele’s treatment is beautiful but I wanted to understand a little more about the piece so I poked around and discovered what a unique and influential piece of music this is.

Check out this fine .wmv movie of keyboard instruction for learning Peace Piece:

Also see Doug McKenzie’s jazz piano web site for
very nice, clear, tutorial on playing this and many other jazz piano pieces.  The page with alphabetically listed songs and midi files, video files, transcriptions, etc. for each title is here =>
Peace Piece
and the files associated with it are there, scroll down to “P”.

NOTE: part of this is on YouTube, at         and all of it is for sale on a
DVD, but McKenzie allows free use of his website materials for teachers.

A recording of the entire piece is here =>

And the version for guitar by Nino Josele, which
Mark Piff originally turned me on to is here=>

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