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At the bottom of this INDEX PAGE you’ll find a list of COMING SOON items currently in progress. So, here is what has been published so far, lots more coming…check back often:


PAGES are listed across the Menu Bar just below the Sound Possibilities Logo Header at the top of every Post, there are only a few PAGES;

POST CATEGORIES Six broad and often overlapping areas of subject matter:

IMUSIC in NATUREBirdsong, Cycles of Time, Intelligence & Communication in Animals, Sounds of the Earth, Sounds of the Sun, Planets, Galaxies, etc.. Rhythms in Nature, Biorhythms, etc;  (NO POSTS YET…COMING SOON)

IIMUSIC HISTORYOrigins of Music, Classical music, Composers, Musical Periods, Styles, Forms, Instruments of the World, Ethnomusicology, Musicology, Music in Mythology, Music & Sound in Creation Myths, Music Philosophy, Pythagorean, Neo-Platonic Theories, Music of the Spheres, etc;

IIIMUSIC & SOUND in SOCIETYThe Soundscape, Noise Pollution, Architecture and Sound, Music and Social Change, Music and Arts Education, Music & Poetry, Folk Music, Jazz, Popular Music, Music Technology, Music and the Internet, Music Video, Radio, Recording, Social Media, Motion Picture Music, Live Music Performance, Music as Art, The Business of Music, ASCAP/BMI/SESCAP, etc;

IV – MUSIC & SPIRIT – Music & Meditation – Chant – Hymns

VSCIENCE OF SOUND, MUSIC AND SONGElectromagnetic Spectrum, Vibrations, Frequencies, Wavelengths, Music and Color, Synesthesia, Psycho-acoustics, Neuroscience, Brain/Mind, Mathematics and Music, Physics of Sound, Computers and Music, Harmonic Overtone Series, Temperaments (Tuning systems), Consciousness, etc;

VIHEALING MUSICAncient & Contemporary practices, Music’s use treating chronic pain, recovering from surgery, Music and Autism, Music and Depression, Transitions in Death and Dying, Pre-natal and Infant Development, Music and Meditation, Guided Imagery, Music Therapy, Certified Music Practitioners, Accutonics, Music and the Chakras, Neuropsychology and Music, etc;

UPCOMING Works in Progress

  •  Songwriting, Inspiration, the Creative Process
  • Temperaments (Various systems of tuning)
  • Part 2 of The Divine Musical Comedy
  • Overtones and Harmonic Resonance – Effects on Cells
  • The Ancient Art and Science of Harmonic Correspondence
  • Sri Yantra
  • Hans Jenny, and the Sound Generated Forms of Cymatics
  • I-Ching, Chance and Order
  • Robert Fludd’s Temple of Music
  • Harmony, Unity and Diversity, In Theory & In Practice

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